Who am I

My name is Lefebvre Saboya. I have a degree in Management Processes and postgraduate in Instructional Design.

Using the ADDIE and Values Clarification process, I seek to analyze knowledge and skills gaps within a specific group. With the help of Specialists in Subjects (SMEs), I develop a plan that meets the needs of the organization, creating experiences that develop reflexive and practical attitudes in the face of problematic situations.

The main challenge of any Instructional Design project is to develop a professional team that delivers the right learning process. That’s why we work with Subject Matter Specialists (SMEs) to create solid foundations for the project, from graphic design, through user experience (UX) and any specific objective that is particular in the area of your organization’s expertise.

When starting a project, I develop the task of identifying these needs and figuring out how best to challenge the ability of professionals to establish relationships and become able to see more than one way to achieve the results.

I started teaching in the monitoring of my pre-vestibular course to pay for my studies. I worked with advertising and marketing doing critical evaluation for campaigns. For 5 years I worked in banking performing “360-degree analysis” of bank branches ad developing traininf, learning experiences and job-aids.

As the business world continues to change, organizations and their learning choices change as well.